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Welcome to the community, the English-language, browser-based chess server.
You can play chess online free of charge on our chess server in your browser, either as a guest or as a logged-in user, playing other chess players or the chess computer. As a registered user, you have the advantage that all games you have played are rated and your skill level will be determined as a rating score for the purpose of ranking. You can also filter game offers from other chess players by skill level in order to select a suitable opponent.

Play chess as a guest
Play chess online as a guest against other chess players or play the chess computer.

Play chess online against computer

Register free of charge on the chess server and enjoy the extended features and functions. If you already have a login, then you can log in immediately.

The following features and functions are available on

  • Chess server in English
  • Play chess or Chess960 against chess players or play the chess computer
  • Play as a guest or registered user
  • Filter offers from chess players by time, mode and rating
  • Multiplayer and unblocked
  • Invite other players or friends to a chess game

More information

  • The rules of chess have been largely based on the "FIDE Laws of Chess". However, the option is available to switch to Chess960.

  • Additional features and functions offered by our chess server are listed and described under the "Info" menu item.

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We are working on expanding our chess server and rely on your support. Recommend our community to your friends and fellow chess players. You are welcome to recommend our chess server by using our logo on your chess website, and to tell others about it at your chess club. On our website, you can play the royal game online free of charge and without registration. You are more than welcome to play a game of chess on our server even as an anonymous player without a username.