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Icons for logged-in users
To improve the rating overview of logged-in players, we use rating-based icons. Players are identified according to their rating scores and the number of matches played by corresponding icons, in order to give a better idea of skill level.

  • Player rating icon 1300 1100 - 1300 rating score (from 100 rated games)
  • Player rating icon  1600 1301 - 1600 rating score (from 120 rated games)
  • Player rating icon 1900 1601 - 1900 rating score (from 250 rated games)
  • Player rating icon 2100 1901 - 2100 rating score (from 500 rated games)
  • Player rating icon 2300 > 2301 rating score (from 1000 rated games)

Player results table
After a game has started between two logged-in players, a visual results table is loaded in the background. Players can use this table to check whether they have already played each other and to view player results from previous games. This table rates the last 20 games played and displays these in the results.

Results table and computer analysis

Computer analysis
After a game has ended, logged-in users can have the match analyzed by the "Stockfish" chess program and any wrong moves they made identified (see figure immediately below the Results Table). We also offer game statistics with the rating, which means during a game, the time needed per move can be analyzed and viewed in diagram format.

Fair play and the use of computer assistance
We do not allow chess programs against other players on our website. This is because chess players mainly wish to play other humans and not a computer. Also, when playing the chess computer (Stockfish), chess programs should not be used, as these take up too much of our processing capacity on the chess server.

Overview of chess pieces
In order to provide a better overview, the pieces that are removed from the board are shown at the upper right-hand side of the board (see figure below). This means the chess pieces always remain on the chess board, giving the players a better overview of their game.

Overview of pieces