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Information on and description of the ongoing game

In our opinion, the gameplay on our chess server is highly intuitive and self-explanatory, however, at this point, we would still like to highlight and elaborate on a few key functions, features and points relating to a chess match. We assume that you understand the rules of chess, nevertheless, illegal moves will be prevented by the chess program and will not be permitted on the chess board. A completed game is saved in our database and rated according to the mode. Interested spectators can follow the match which is currently ongoing and watch the game without having any influence on it. Once it is over, the recorded game can be played back and analyzed.

Thinking time
During the game, a digital chess clock is displayed on the right-hand side, showing the time available for the respective players. If, as a player, you are making a move, then your chess clock will begin to count down and your opponent's clock paused. If a play mode with an additional time bonus per move was agreed for your match, then this bonus will be added to your total time after every move made. After one player's time is up, the game will end immediately due to lost time. If your opponent is running out of thinking time and you are enjoying the ongoing game and wish to continue playing this opponent, then you can give the other player additional time. The additional time is assigned by clicking on the green icon next to the chess clock. Thinking time does not appear for a game which is started with the game mode "Unlimited".

Fair play
We would also like to address the topic of "fair play" and ask that players do not simply leave or quit an ongoing game, and instead, that they end it correctly, either by checkmate, a draw (tie) or resignation. After all, you wouldn't want your fellow player to just leave the game either, but rather to finish it properly. Your fellow player will also be given the option to force a resignation if the opponent is away from the game for more than 60 seconds, or the connection to the game is interrupted for technical reasons (a relevant link will appear: Force a resignation). If you feel that a win is not in sight in an ongoing game, you can offer a draw to your opponent, who can either accept or decline your offer. If this offer is made three times, a link to "Demand a Draw" will appear and you can then demand a draw as you wish.

Return match
You can also offer your opponent a return match after a game was lost, for example by "Checkmate, white has won", or the match was ended after you or your opponent resigned. The respective player receiving the invitation to the new match can either accept this invitation or reject it. If the offered return match was accepted, the new chess game will start automatically with the colors reversed and the player with the white pieces has the first move.

We wish you every success in the game of chess and a well-played match.

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